Ready & waiting

That perfect shade of blue

I never quite understood the concept of a ‘favourite colour’. That magical colour that speaks to us or tells something about our personality.


When I was a kid I thought that if I had to pick one I would say green was my fave colour. This was because of no other reason, but Green’s ability to always make my drawings lively and bright. Later in my teens I supposed the question was referring to what colour of clothes you like to wear the most. Black seemed to be the easiest option back then, but I kind of felt like it wasn’t even a real colour and it definitely did not reflect my personality. A few months ago, still having no idea what I liked the most from the colour wheel, I realized that it’s not even pink, and those girly shades of it that I can’t tolerate in any amount, but it’s purple. So what is my ultimate favourite color – at the moment at least?

It’s called Alice blue. Or a very light version of “robin’s egg blue”. It’s that very light, greyish shade of blue. It’s the blue on the walls of Linda Rodin’s apartment. The blue on that gorgeous H&M dress that manages to be chic, timeless and cool at the same time.  That calming, comforting kind of blue, that I had no idea it existed, until I started noticing it everywhere. So what’s your favourite shade in the rainbow?

Image source: H&M, Matchbook Magazine, IKEA,,

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