Refash., Thrift Store Thursdays

Thrift Store Thursdays #1

After my first kind of lucky/definitely adrenaline boosting trip to a thrift store, I decided to go back for more….Next time around we wanted to do a round trip with some friends on our day off. We managed to go to 2 shops only, but both had sales on, and we ended up drinking coffee and talking for hours which was an equally good way to spend the afternoon.
What did I get? A cute little scarf print Zara skirt (1000 Ft/ £3) and a beaded grey dress (1350 Ft/ £4). The grey dress was handmade and is 100% silk according to the tag inside. It’s about 3 sizes bigger, but I know what a pain sewing beads on a garment is, so I decided to buy it anyway. I’m planning to make a skirt out of it very similar to the other Zara find one day…

And again, sorry about the lack of ironing, you must have guessed that we are not close friends. Me and the Iron. 🙂


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