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That backless dress

Drumrolls please…Here is the backless dress that I wrote about previously.TheSecretCostumier-backless dress front TheSecretCostumier-backless dress backI bought this fabric to make harem pants out of it, but changed my mind and used a very simple pattern from Burda to make a dress instead. As I was playing around with the fastenings (the zipper broke the moment I finished inserting it) I realized that it was too dull the way it was, so I cut triangles out of the back part and made it into a backless dress. inserted an elastic waistband and a button holds the whole thing tight on my back.

I haven’t worn it yet, since I didn’t really feel like wearing heels in this very hot weather, but I definitely should as the fabric is very light, so it really is a great summer dress.


16 thoughts on “That backless dress

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