Somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure

Garage sales in Budapest (Hungary) are non-existent. I think I heard about some car boot sales somewhere, but it might as well be a legend. We do have slightly overpriced flea markets, but the main thing you do when you want to get rid of your unwanted stuff is that you put it on the street. And if you keep your eyes open, you can take home somebody else’s trash that might serve you as the coolest pair of chairs in the garden…

Okay, it is not as simple as throwing your rubbish on the street, but twice a year your local council announces a period when you can leave your unwanted furniture and household items on the side-walk so that they can pick it up at a certain time and destroy it (I guess).

We have just started to renovate the house I grew up in, which was rented out for some time (and was pretty much destroyed during this period) as we were living abroad, and was last updated about 15 years ago. So we got rid of half of the kitchen cabinets already, everything from the bathroom, and some random stuff from all over the house. While I was taking things out to the pile of furnitures on the street I spotted this lovely but very shabby looking pair of armchairs. I thought they were rattan at first, but I think it is made of some other kind of thicker wood.

I tried them out today and the nails haven’t given in as of yet, so I am planning to do some cleaning and repairs first, because one of the chairs is in a lot worse shape than the other as you can see below.

I don’t have a clue how I am going to replace the missing parts or if I will do it at all, as fortunately those parts have not much to do with the main structure itself. So instead of buying this awesome, ‘Marniesque‘, but still quite pricey chair from the good old IKEA, I will probably keep these and add some modern decoration instead. I’m thinking about painting them white, or red, or black, or…add some box cushions made with the dutch wax fabric I’ve got, get a hammock put the wooden box we’ve found on the attic in the middle to serve as a table and storage for the cushions and blankets, put up some lights and add some plants. Something that feels like these dreamy places:

Image sources: Pinterest

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