The secrets of teleporting

I woke up this morning suspecting a new kind of illness attacking my body. My whole face seemed different. My eyes were puffy and I looked like a well fed 12 year old. Then it just hit me. I’m in Lund, a tiny university town in South West Sweden, and I’ve slept more than I’ve slept all through this year. So this is not me being sick, it’s just my relaxed face apparently, the one I probably haven’t seen since I was 12. This is how you travel through space AND time I guess.

I have 3 more days to take a peek into Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen. Everything I thought I knew about Sweden has already been somehow proven wrong and right at the same time, so I’m definitely not done forming an opinion about it. One thing I sort of can confirm, it’s not that as expensive as the legend has it. At least compared to London, of course…


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