Inspiration #3 – Embellished sneakers

   Well, hello again! Long time no posting… I was stressing myself with the idea of writing a post explaining my disappearance, but hey! It’s a new year, so I decided to save us all from a lengthy explanation, and just put something up that I’m working on.

   Especially because in spite of Life getting in the way of blogging, I still managed to start sewing a dress for my mum, tried out a different pattern cutting technique, made a really fancy skirt for my sister for a wedding, sew myself another velvet skirt, corrected some mistakes on my handmade winter coat, made a tailor’s ham, and began refashioning this pair of sneakers.

TheSecretCostumier - Inspiration #3 - Embellished sneakers

TheSecretCostumier - Inspiration #3 - Embellished sneakers    I bought them in Primark, and asked a former boyfriend to draw something on it, as he is a very good painter (in my humble opinion), and since I woke up listening to Sade’s ‘Moon and the Sky that morning, I very creatively asked him to draw just that. You know, the Moon and the sky!? Looking at the result, you must be questioning my ability to judge his drawing skills, but believe me, I was disappointed by his quick solution too… Fast forward about 2 years, and here I am: without the bf, with a huge interest developed in embroidery (see the evidence here), and one shoe already pimped up. So here are the ideas that I found inspiring AND doable.

Image sources from top, anti-clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

TheSecretCostumier - Inspiration #3 - Embellished sneakers

Take a peak of the almost finished shoe, resting on my lap as I am working on it. I will post a tutorial of the process soon, in case anyone’s interested! Now that I kind of established a method of doing it I am hoping to finish it by Spring. Just kidding. I’m not in a rush…


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