From scratch, Ready & waiting

New(ish) year, new resolutions

     I’ve meant to write this post for way too long now. The thing with procrastination is that it gets worse by the minute. Oh, the guilt. There isn’t a day passing by without thinking about all the posts I want to write, about the things I want to sew, the friends I want to call…you get the idea. So every single day when I have a new item on my imaginary to do list, it just adds to this big rolling ball of things I should do, just so that I can end up all frustrated and deciding to just crawl up in my bed and pretend that I’m sort of being creative by watching how other people ARE creative on Pinterest.
To end this agony, I’m putting down my 12 resolutions for this year to make my baggage a little lighter, and because I still have some crumbles of the January hopefulness. I’m dropping the oldies like exercise more, lose weight, read a book a week, sew a garment a month, etc; and will try to have more fun with the new ones. Here is what I wish I’ll be doing in the next 342 days:


2. Start learning French (in progress).

3. Start playing cello from September (probably here).

4. Make a wedding dress for a friend. (Wohoo! I’ll keep you posted.)


6. Make a dressform.

7. Try fabric dyeing.

8. Make/wear handmade jewellery.


10. Be more consistent with blogging/ stress less about failing to do so.

11. Join a sewing group, preferably create find a local one.

12. Sell something I’ve made.

+1: Fall in love. 😉


3 thoughts on “New(ish) year, new resolutions

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