From scratch

Pleather is the new leather

   Here is a skirt I made a few weeks ago. I bought a piece of faux leather, or pleather (just to be annoying), from a remnants box without a clear idea about what to do with it. All I knew was that I used to have a circle skirt of a similar material that I loved and wore so much, that all that love started to show in a not so lovely way. So making another one was a logical step. But if you’ve read anything on this blog so far, you must know that I rarely make simple stuff because:

  1. I could buy that in a shop;
  2. I would save myself from oh, so many challenges!

Which is why I went with this pattern from BurdaStyle. ( If I ever decide to make a jacket again, I’ll go with the pattern on the picture.)

2Image source: BurdaStyle

     I think the skirt looks stunning (in Burdastyle) and it actually wasn’t difficult to put together at all. Except for one thing: I only realised the front is made of two pieces after I was ready to start cutting the back, which meant that I ended up having enough fabric for the front pieces only. You must have guessed by now, no I did not find the  same fabric for the back, just a close enough match that is shinier and lighter than the rest, but it really isn’t that apparent…or so I say.


    The pleats on the front were a little tricky at first, but all in all it’s a very straight forward pattern. I’m not even bothered by having a simpler back than the front, and I really love the big pockets! I’ve added about 7 centimeters to the hem, which makes it more office friendly for my taste, but it drapes a little different from the original one, and guess what, the faux leather is sticky! I intended to wear it with a crop top a during the summer, but there is no way I’m letting that waistband stick to my stomach in the probably C°20+ weather! Oh and the faux leather on my bike seat and this skirt are like magnets, which makes for a ride full of swearing, so this skirt has some serious persuasion to do, before it becomes a daily wear…


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