Me-Made-May 2014, Ready & waiting

Me-Made-May 2014: I’m in!!!

    Have you heard of Me Made May? If you are already sewing then you most definitely have. If you aren’t, then chances are you’ll stumble upon the #MMMay14 hashtag on one of the social media sites, as well as on Pinterest, and see ladies and gents proudly showing off their handmade garments. The idea, which comes from Zoe, is to encourage people who sew (knit, crochet, etc…) clothes for themselves, to actually make a little effort and wear them as many times as possible for an entire month. This is the first ever sewing challenge I am taking part of and I’m loving it already! My original pledge is this:

‘I, Etemi of The Secret Costumier, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear something handmade at least 4 days each week for the duration of May 2014.’

    So far it’s going pretty well! The biggest challenge is dressing appropriately for the weather, as I have mainly been sewing skirts and dresses, while I usually wear trousers and tops during warmer months. As for most people taking part in Me Made May, this is an awesome opportunity for me to see what I need to make more of (hello Wardrobe Architect project!), as well as to find out which pieces are actually comfortable enough for daily wear. Like the black dress from Day 4. It’s perfectly fine to walk and stand pretty in, but cycling? Impossible. (Without swearing and a jumper around your bum. 😉 )

TheSecretCostumier - Me-Made-May - Day 1TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMay - Day 2TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMay- Day 4TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMay- Day 5

   Where is Day 3, you ask? Well, on the 3rd of May I was mostly finishing off some pieces (including the pink shirt) while wearing the pink shirt from Day 5,  and since nobody saw me wearing it, it felt a bit like cheating to include it here.

     I am planning on taking photos (with the help of my Sister – hence the change of poses!) during the weekends, but if you just can’t live without seeing my little struggle to put together outfits using my limited handmade wardrobe, then you can follow me on Instagram. By the way, it’s only been 6 days and I’ve already discovered more jaw-droppingly good sewing blogs through the  #MMMay14 hashtag (and it’s numerous versions), than in the past 3 years altogether!

Me-Mades this week:


7 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2014: I’m in!!!

    • Thank you!! I’m glad you find my blog, because I got to check out yours. And it’s beautiful! Do you take all your photos or do you have some help (with magical hands)?

      • Yay, I’m glad you like my blog too!
        Sometimes I use a tripod with the timer setting on my camera, but usually I have a special helper 🙂

  1. I happened upon the Me Made May 2014 Pintrest board and was just scrolling thru looking for something interesting (which happened to be you 😀 ) and found your blog and have been reading through it for the last hour now. You amaze me! I’ve just started my own blog and even tho I’ve been reading sewing blogs for YEARS, I’m soooooo impressed with how much inspiration your blog just screams. Thank you for the pleasant time, I hope we can do this again. 😉

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