Me-Made-May 2014, Ready & waiting

Me-Made-May-2014: The Summary

   This was my first Me-Made-May ever, and ever since I’ve started sewing about 3 years ago. I pledged to wear something handmade for at least 4 days a week for the entire month, and I managed to do this on 25 days, with some outfit changes wearing a total of 29 outfits including a Me-Made garment. I made one new item (the peplum top) and finished 3 UFOs (pink shirt, silky trousers, asymmetric dress). I took exactly 901 photos, mostly with the help of my sister, and discovered probably over 50 like-minded bloggers I did not know before, doing just the same. It was a bit of a hassle at times, but pretty much the most exciting May of my life so far.

   I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, that I think Me-Made-May is a fantastic idea (thank you Zoe!), it really makes you focus on the usefulness of what you make and gears you towards updating your sewing goals. What I have learned about my style and ways of using garments for more than what they were intended for, will be extremely helpful when I finally get to design a capsule wardrobe for myself as part of the Wardrobe Architect project.

   Reading through other bloggers’ summaries made me realize that we have pretty much all gone through the same challenges: changing weather, changing taste, changing bodies and the lack of certain types of garments (not enough or too much separates/dresses) and I can report on having the exact same issues. But I won’t.

   Just kidding. 🙂 I will of course, even if you are all done with reading these, I feel like putting this all down to  use it later as a reference for when I’m just about to start making something beautiful, that I could wear every 5 years to a friend’s wedding… So here are all the outfits, and if you feel like it, check out the conclusion below the images.

   I pretty much stayed true to the tried and tested silhouettes that I’ve collected for Week 3&4 (Wardrobe Architect project), but I did try out a few silhouettes that I rarely wear. Such was the figure hugging skirt + A-line top combo, or the asymmetric dress, and they both hide my waist and bring attention my legs, so even if I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would, I would still avoid making those types in the future. Plus they just don’t work with le bike. From looking over the pictures above, I identified what I need more of and what works already:


The third most popular item, the backless dress proved to be extremely versatile, and I always feel a little sexy wearing it, even if it’s layered under tops and jumpers. The wrap dress was made in no time and I really love wearing it, although it does need to be shortened. As for the Kimono dress and the “Dior one”, I only wore them to make Me-Made-May a bit more interesting, otherwise they don’t quite fit into my everyday wardrobe, not even for date nights,  if I’m being honest. I still need to figure out if I just didn’t make them comfy enough, or the fabric is too fancy to pull it off with trainers…

I need: At least one more backless dress, simple dresses in solid colours. Wrap dresses, and dresses made of knit fabrics. I don’t own any jumpsuits yet, but they should be a great alternative to dresses for summer, so I am planning to give them a try.


I only have few handmade skirts, but the they got the most use throughout the month. The most successful ones were the pleated faux leather one, probably because of the basic black colour and the interesting texture gives. The other often worn skirt was the simplest item I have in my wardrobe, the burnt orange/rust coloured velvet circle skirt, which ticks all my boxes regarding shape, length, colour and the ability to be dressed up or down.

I need: More simple skirts in solid colours, from interesting fabrics.


As for trousers, it looks like fit is everything. The pink ones used to be high-waisted and I liked them like that. Now that I’ve lost some weight they are hanging somewhere between my waist and hip, and the fabric isn’t the best either. The black silky one would have been a good idea, but I really need to take my time to test patterns when it comes to trousers, as a gaping neckline is really annoying, but not being able to sit down in something is really the deal breaker.

I need: Well fitting comfortable trousers that work for summer. Try a palazzo style and a slim fitting one.


I can’t believe I could wear something handmade for almost every day for an entire month with having only 3 (4 with the refashion) Me-Made tops in my wardrobe. Out of those 4, 3 only work with high-waisted trousers or skirts, and the one shirt I made is a bit less than perfect, as well as pretty hard to pair with anything, due to its baby pink colour. Although I am pretty happy with my basic RTW T-shirts, there is definitely room for improvement in this section.

I need: More tops, obviously. Sleeveless ones for summer, a few more crop tops, another shirt, the perfect white T, and maybe some woven basic tops. 

Well, we are almost in the middle of June and all that documenting somewhat kept me from actually sewing stuff, so I am planning to jump back into it again. Kath, from Bernie and I, had a brilliant idea to keep us all going, by suggesting to make 1 project per week for an entire month. I was going to do it in June, but guess what, I’m running late with finishing the first #1ppw already, but as long as I have 4 finished pieces by the end of June, I will call this a success, so bear with me…


12 thoughts on “Me-Made-May-2014: The Summary

  1. Yes! Now we are armed with the knowledge of what items fit our lifestyles best, and what items mix and match easily. It’s so nice to have a a catalog of what works for you. 🙂 By taking the pictures during may I can also remember how I felt about my outfits on any given day.
    I’m interested in making basic woven tops and crop tops as well! Hope you make another gorgeous backless dress! Theres nothing like re-inventing a winner in another colour 🙂

    • I agree!! The other day I couldn’t decide what to put on and was thinking about going through the catlaog for inspiration. 🙂 I love your gingham top, I might have to copy it soon! 😛

      • So true! I don’t have a lot of space to have my clothing out, so I often forget what I have and what separates can go together. Oh that would be so cool! I’d love to see your version!!

  2. As I’ve already said, I love your me made wardrobe. I think the kimono is great and I feel a bit sad you don’t get to wear it often – would reducing the sleeves a little make it more practical?

    I’m glad to see you’ve signed up for #1ppw as well – I’ve completed my first piece, but I still need to take the proper photos for the blog.

    • Thank you! I think it’s more to do with the fact that it’s very colorful on a white base, which makes it hard to wear it with casual shoes and bags and all, but it’s the highest quality item in my handmade wardrobe (in terms of construction), so I think I’ll just keep it for special occasions… What’s your first #1ppw gonna be? Do you get to sew everyday in a dedicated area, or is this gonna be challenging too?

      • Ah, fair enough. An excellent special occasion outfit, anyway 🙂

        My first #1ppw is a massive fluorescent pink 80s tshirt dress refashioned into a normal tshirt. It was the simplest thing in the world, but it was my first attempt at knits. I’m not sure what to do this week. I’ve got some half finished items which I’ve lost interest in, but maybe I should force myself to get on with one of them. I’ve got a sewing zone in my bedroom, which is great, although I’m still making excuses – it’s a bit hot and sunny to sew today.

      • Yeah, I thought this should be a great time to finish those projects too, but it’s always more exciting to start something new. I think I’m bailing out this time, as I still haven’t finished the first one (a refashion too)…I’m really looking forward to see your t-shirt! Oh and the PJs look great, they’ll come very handy next year to lounge in during Me-Made-May! 🙂

    • Thank you! I think we are drawn to very similar styles, like the Nettie that you’ve made, I have a RTW version that almost looks the same! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on making it through! My documenting kind of petered out in the last week, but I really should get around to writing a little summary.

    That backless dress is so great. I love the way you somehow make trainers look awesome with everything!

    I just nominated you for a “Liebster award” because I love your blog. I totally understand if you’re not into that kind of thing – hopefully it brings you some new readers anyway 😀

    If you are interested, details are here:

    • Thank you! I felt like I should do a summary, even if it was way into June already, so I think it would come handy in the future if you put down your thoughts about it.

      When my sister got her black trainers I thought she just had bad taste, but I tried them on once and they worked with black tights, and that was pretty much it. Since then I hardly wear anything else, as it kind of takes the edge off of some of the less casual outfits I wear.

      Btw, thank you so much for the nomination, it’s very sweet of you! I could basically copy and paste the answear about the first garment you made, I did the same thing, just chose my sister’s surprise birthday party to reveal the dress. 🙂

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