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The over-oversized shirt

    About 2 years ago I bought a piece of a lovely reddish pink fabric. It was right when I started sewing and I was trying to be pedant, so I shoved it in the washing machine to pre-wash it. The fabric felt a little vinyl like before, and I guess I wanted to get rid of that sticky feeling, but instead I got rid of the dye all together. A light pink, rather transparent, linen like fabric emerged from the machine. After I got over the astonishment, I decided to make an oversized shirt from the March 2012 issue of Burdastyle. I had hardly any experience in sewing at that point, but I was attending a course at the time, so I decided I knew it all and took the collar from one pattern and added to another.


I got to the above stage rather quickly, then gave up on it as I ignored the ‘oversized’ warning and cut the largest size available…Yeah, I know! The armholes ended up being way too big, hanging off my shoulder, and it was really long.

A few weeks ago I decided to just finish it off to make some space for some new UFOs fabric. I cut about 10 cms off of the hem, and left the armholes as they were. Instead of the two pockets, I only put one on, but it feels a bit small. I opened the buttonhole bit up and inserted a piece of organza as an interfacing, because I failed terribly at my first attempt of buttonhole making without it. I decided to jazz it up with different buttons, and that’s the bit I actually like the most on it.

TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt4TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt3 TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt2TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt1 TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt5TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt8

The good

I realized that I actually quite like to wear shirts and because of the lightweight fabric it was easy to sew. The topstitching provides a good chance to show off your skills (or the lack of thereof when it goes all wonky…).

The bad

The collar has a huge gap at the front which looks a bit weird. The cuffs are NOT FINISHED, as I’m planning on wearing them rolled up all the time. And you know, I’m lazy like that. And for some strange reason I don’t even feel bad about it!

The verdict

The pattern is simple and pretty straight forward, and since it is an oversized shirt you don’t have to worry about fitting that much (if you cut your correct size, that is). I’ve worn it twice during Me-Made-May, but to be honest it’s rather unlikely to be a staple in my wardrobe as it’s a bit too masculine for my taste. Even if it’s baby pink…

TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirt left1TheSecretCostumier - Pink Shirtleft1

Just a quick question for anyone who read this far: do you guys wear anything that’s not quite done? 🙂


13 thoughts on “The over-oversized shirt

  1. I wear unfinished knit projects out all the time. Mostly because I hate hiding my serger tails and why hem what you don’t have to? I can honestly say I’ve never worn an unfinished woven out of the house before though. I have an irrational fear of garments unraveling during normal wear.

    • I think it’s totally rational! My biggest fear is of the seams ripping open while wearing something in public. All seams are finished on the shirt though, but there’s no closure on the cuff. No button, no buttonhole, nada. 🙂

  2. Ha! This whole post sounds like something I would do. I think it’s a really cute shirt and I’m glad you finished it off, even if you don’t wear it that much…

  3. Geo P says:

    I made a dress a while ago and I “forgot” to slipstitch the back neck facings to the zipper. Luckily the fabric is stable enough not to pop out when I wear it. 😶

    • Ha! Your little secret is out now. :)That’s the thing, when you’ve gone through the pattern cutting, sewing, fitting and turned 2 metres of fabric into an actual dress and can’t wait to show it off, you just can’t be bothered sometimes to finish off the little bits and pieces, and even if you tell yourself that you’ll wear it out just once then go back and finish it…it’s just not gonna happen. 🙂

  4. What is unfinished. It is you who decides. I wear unfinished stuff out all the time. especially knits, it is cooler from my point of view. if people ask, then “That is the design” 🙂

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