So I’ve found this blanket in a charity shop while looking for one to make a coat out of (more on this later). After a very brief research, I found out that the brand new version sells for a whopping £359!!! Now, what do I do? Should I try selling it and buy the fabric of my own choice (possibly for this coat AND for a little French jacket too), or should I keep it to make the coat that more special? Also, have you used a blanket for dressmaking before? Do you think this fabric (pretty lightweight) would be suitable for tailoring? I would love to hear some advice! 🙂

From scratch, Refash.

Decisisons, decisions…


7 thoughts on “Decisisons, decisions…

  1. that’s a tough one! i wonder what the market is like for vintage blankets…are they as desirable as top label vintage garments? it would be interesting to find out! if you think you’ll wonder how much you could’ve sold it for, i’d sell it & buy the fabric you want. if it doesn’t sell at a certain point… go for it. but maybe a looser, soft coat would match the fabric better than a tailored coat? who knows! kenneth king has made amazing coats out of all manner of yardage (including human hair). so anything goes, yeah?

    • That’s exactly what I was wondering about. It’s hard to imagine “blanket collectors” going crazy over a snuggly old piece…I’ve never done tailoring before, and I did have a feeling that it’s too soft, so I was thinking of making the coat more robe like, with maybe a shawl collar, but I will definitely look up Kenneth King’s techniques first! Thanks for the advice, much appreciated!

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