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The Minnie Mouse dress

It would be a slight exaggeration to say that I love Halloween, but I do enjoy dressing up in fancy dress when there’s a chance. This year that chance came along while I was on a long weekend in Barcelona. It was really surprising to see how seriously the whole city seemed to have taken the dressing up and decorating.

The Secret Costumier - DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

I decided to go to the party I was invited to as Minnie Mouse, since I have already made a toille for the dress last year. I did not finish it back then, because I got too frustrated by all the fitting issues, but they were easily resolved now that I have started a pattern making course and I’m less afraid of all the slashing and spreading.

Since I had a tight deadline again (a plane to catch and all…), I didn’t pay attention and cut the pattern pieces before I could have shortened the length of the bodice at the side, but it does not actually fall off my shoulders as I expected. I also cut the skirt pieces in half by accident, hence the length I wouldn’t normally choose. I did try to match the dots, but it gets very tricky with the princess seams. I finished the waistline with some leftover bias binding.

The Secret Costumier - DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

I actually came up with this costume idea, because I really wanted to give this Burdastyle pattern a go, and this seemed like a great way to test the pattern out. I think now that I got the fit down I might make it again, although I’m not sure I could fit the style into my everyday wardrobe…Or could I?


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