TheSecretCostumier - Knitting in progress
From scratch

This knitting thing…

I was going to knit a jumper while on holiday in Japan. At first it went alright, on our 12 hour flight I did knit for about an hour and a half (and was actively trying to force myself to sleep for 10.5…). Then I did knit while my mother and sister dozed off during our train journeys, but surprise-surprise: I did not finish the jumper. I didn’t even finish the back of it.

But it’s okay. I tried to incorporate some colours and textures, but then I also wanted to make something I would be able to wear with most of my existing winter wardrobe. See-through jumpers are not such items I figured. So the last picture of the failed experiment is the one below (the addition of the different yarns is barely visible), just before I dismantled it on our little Airbnb’s balcony with the coolest view of Tokyo in the background.

TheSecretCostumier - Knitting in progress

TheSecretCostumier - Tokyo skyline

Long story short, I now have finished the back of the jumper (top picture), and started knitting the front too. I really want to finish it by the end of this month, but I’m actually writing this post when I was supposed to be knitting, so…it may just not happen. 🙂

Now I only have one question for those of you who knit regularly:

How long does it actually take to knit a jumper?


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