From scratch

Camisole numéro deux

This is the second version of my copycat camisole pattern. This fabric, just like 90% of my stash, was a remnant I got a few months ago. It is probably inspired by that Prada print from 2012 (image source), which I was madly in love with at the time. 🙂


TheSecretCostumier - The camisole1

I love spaghetti straps and I think camisoles have that pretty sultry, half-lingerie/half-totaly-decent-can-wear-it-outside-the-bedroom look to them. They also don’t use a lot of fabric (although because of the bias cut, there is a relatively large amount of waste), and can be sewn up fairly quickly.

TheSecretCostumier - The camisole5

TheSecretCostumier - The camisole6

I am quite happy to have this particular piece in my wardrobe (although I haven’t worn it yet…), but it needs a bit of tweaking before I can make up the next one:

  • It’s not visible, but the side seam does not run straight down as it’s supposed to. However, when I put it on backwards, it falls just right, so I guess it needs some kind of an adjustment…
  • The whole point of wearing something with spaghetti straps is to show off that tiny piece of fabric against the skin, and bra straps just take away the attention. For decency’s sake it would be nice to have a sort of lining without having to line the whole top. Since it’s bias cut, I am not sure if I can do it without ending up with a longer facing (could be one of the options) all bunching up. I was also thinking of inserting some kind of a built-in bra thing, but knit fabrics and very lightweight wovens are not famous for working well together. Or are they?

Any ideas how to solve this?


7 thoughts on “Camisole numéro deux

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