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The safari shirt

A few months ago I felt a burning need to sew a shirt. I have tried my hands at making one before, and decided not to bother with it ever again. 🙂

But then I guess struggling with sewing something difficult might be like giving birth. Once you see how well it turned out, you forget how difficult the labor was and you decide to have another one…

TheSecretCostumier - The Military Shirt2

When we booked our tickets to Tanzania and the safari looked like something that might actually happen, I started researching what to wear to one. I mean, we probably all have the same images of people in sand-coloured trousers with practical pockets, women wearing a not so practical white shirt, and the usual clichés.

As the time of the holiday was approaching I decided not to make each and every outfit I was planning to wear, but to only sew stuff I could also wear in areas less populated by wild animals, so the idea of a khaki shirt was born.

TheSecretCostumier - The Military Shirt5

I bought the cotton fabric in Budapest, and for quite some time I wasn’t sure if I picked the colour I was actually looking for. The pattern is a mix of two patterns from Burdastyle with a further modified collar.

I really liked the pleated pockets on this blouse pattern, but I didn’t like the hidden buttons and I wouldn’t have been able to do it with my material anyway. Which is why I simply copied the front with the button placements from this basic shirt pattern.

On my first attempt I finished the whole collar and turned the button facing under, sewed it in place, just to find out that I have turned it under so many times that the two front panels no longer met. I was ready to give up, but I quite enjoyed following a pattern (for once) and getting otherwise nice results so much by that point, that I decided to just keep my head down, rip the seams out of the whole collar and all the way down where the buttons are, and do it again.

TheSecretCostumier - The Military Shirt3

TheSecretCostumier - The Military Shirt4

And it was totally worth it. I am really happy with the outcome. I love the french seams, the big pockets and how light it is. I could hardly believe it, but it actually wasn’t that hot during the safari at all, so it proved to be the perfect choice.



7 thoughts on “The safari shirt

  1. I really like safari style shirts, too – yours looks great! It’s so gratifying to have a couple of basic shirt patterns that you can modify to your liking, too. 🙂

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