TheSecretCostumier - #usedtobeatablecloth - The material & the pattern

#usedtobeatablecloth: The material & the pattern

When I thought about putting together the #usedtobeatablecloth sewing challenge, I didn’t actually think there would be anyone joining me. Luckily, and to my biggest delight, there are some very inspiring people out there who thought it would be a good idea to make something out of a tablecloth. By now, some of these ladies even have their pattern pieces cut out. As for me, I have just decided what direction to take when chopping mine up….

TheSecretCostumier - #usedtobeatablecloth - The material & the pattern

I got this circular tablecloth for £6.60 (including postage), and it came with 8 matching napkins as well! I was a bit surprised by the texture of the fabric, as I assumed it would be similar to the white cotton one I used to make the Little White Dress. In reality, it’s a very soft fabric, fairly densely woven, using probably somewhat synthetic, pretty thick yarn.

TheSecretCostumier - #usedtobeatablecloth - The material & the pattern

It has white embroidery, some drawn thread-work decorations and a scalloped hem. The napkins are mostly plain, with only one little flower embroidery on them.

TheSecretCostumier - Usedtobeatablecloth Before4

The plan is to use the tablecloth as a circle skirt, by simply cutting out a hole in the middle to the size of my waist (plus seam allowance, of course!). After this, I would use the remaining fabric and some of the napkins to make the bodice.

Burdastyle pattern & dress, Selfportrait dress, Asos white dress

Right now, I’m thinking of going with a basic shape, either with some sort of cups attached to the middle bit (like on the pink & white dress), or I might use my trusty Burdastyle pattern again (first two images)!

Since the front would be fairly simple, on the back I am going to attempt to make a laced up opening to make it a little more exciting, as well as more office appropriate than my usual open back dresses.

I should be able to finalize these plans during the week and start sewing it this weekend…Fun times! 🙂


7 thoughts on “#usedtobeatablecloth: The material & the pattern

  1. I wonder what kinds of tables, meals and families these tablecloths used to serve!

    The dresses above are all lovely.

    And I have had a charity shop scoop with not one but two lovely tablecloths bought!

    • I know! It’s funny, I usually wonder what the previous owners would think about the reincarnation. They have probably hardly ever used them for some reason, that’s why they got rid of them, and look! One person’s trash is another’s treasure. 🙂
      Having two tablecloths is awesome.The hardest part about refashioning is that you have to settle for one idea, but now you can do 2! Do you know already what you gonna make?

  2. lagrancostanza says:

    The tablecloth is beautiful! I could see all of the dresses with it, I’m sure the result will be wonderful whatever you decide. 🙂

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