Me-Made-May: Week Three

I feel like all I do during Me-Made-May is thinking about how fast time goes by and struggling to dress weather appropriately. 🙂 But seriously, 1 week to go and I’ll be able to wear all my me-mades PLUS all the RTW that I’ve owned and loved for many years now! Let’s not get so ahead of us though, this is what got worn this week:

Day 15

I wore my Chanel inspired suit with the linen top I love so much these days, because it was rainy and grey and horrible. I finished the skirt over the weekend, and what I thought would take about 20 minutes (hemming and hand finishing the lining around the zip), ended up taking about 3 hours. Of course everything went wrong that could go wrong, but after spending weeks on the jacket, I just couldn’t care less…

Day 16 

After the rainy Monday, we had tropical heat in London (21°C, but very humid!😉) on Tuesday, so I dressed accordingly. I wore my refashioned tablecloth top with the me-made culottes.

Day 17

Excuse my wrinkled appearance, I actually ironed this shirt before taking a photo, so I’m not sure what happened. Anyway, as for the clothes, the idea was to wear something warm and comfy, as I prepared for my second day of cycling home in the pouring rain, and this worked well for that!

Day 18

  • Camisole: Copy of a RTW
  • Skirt: Same as above
  • Jumper: RTW from Zara

By Thursday I was so uninspired by the rainy weather, that I just threw on whatever I could find. I had an uneventful day to go well with my unexciting choice of clothing.

Day 19

I wore the self drafted skirt, the RTW copy camisole and the me-made Chanelesque jacket, which I never in a million years would have thought I would wear this often. Confession time: I did not get to wear these furry sandals, because: rain. 😒

Day 20

I went fabric shopping, popped into work for a few hours and ended Saturday with my first time at bingo! I rarely wear this top, as it’s a bit short and I remembered that the top was a bit too high on the neck, but I actually had fun wearing this outfit and it was not uncomfortable at all.

Day 21

I’ve been sewing for 16 hours on Sunday, so I made an effort and chose to wear me-made lounge wear. I wear the top a lot, mostly under jumpers, but these French knickers only come out during Me-Made-Mays to be honest. I’ve had some leftover​ fabric from the top and I wanted to try lace insertion, that’s how they were born, but unfortunately it’s falling apart, so the idea is to wear it around the house until it literally falls off of me one day so that I can chuck it out without feeling guilty for wasting fabric/feeding the landfills.


4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May: Week Three

  1. I did MMM in 2012 (I haven’t signed up since) and remember wearing my black coat while it rained and the sun shined all on the same morning. Well done on making it work. The culottes and ‘short’ top look fab together.

    • Haha, yes, it can be a challenge especially in May, but I guess people have similar weather all around the world at this time of the year. Thank you! I really enjoyed wearing it! 🙂

  2. K says:

    Your refashioned top is a win! And those culottes are fabulous too. I’m a big fan of your garment creations. Cheers!

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