Me-Made-May: The last week and a half

I’m sure most people are sick of seeing daily outfit posts by now, but after catching up on sleep, I thought it was time to document what got worn on the last few days of Me-Made-May – and finish what I started.

Day 22

Top: Self-drafted linen top inspired by this one on Pinterest

Skirt: Burdastyle A-line skirt

I finished this skirt quite a few years ago, and did not wear it until one of the Me-Made-Mays when I had absolutely nothing else to wear. These days I am obsessed with it. I still don’t wear it daily, but whenever I do, I feel amazing in it.

Day 23

Top: Self-drafted, tablecloth-turned-peasant-blouse

Trousers: Self-drafted trousers, inspired by a Delpozo pair

I wore the trousers again which seemed too tight to even sit down in when I finished them. I still need to be careful with big lunches, but I think I’m finally in love.

Day 24

Dress: Self-drafted, self-designed

On this particular Wednesday I was interviewing for a studio space at a very exciting new project that is opening up where I live. If I got the studio I could be part of a community of entrepreneurs and would finally have a dedicated place to make dresses just like this. Soooo… fingers crossed! 😊

Day 25

Dress: Modified Burdastyle slip dress

I wore this dress to work as it was super hot and I was running late, and while it did keep me cool while sitting at my desk, I felt the need to cover up every time I left our office, so in the future I will probably leave it for after hours.

Day 26

Dress: Another self-drafted, self-designed dress

This was my last day at work before leaving for holiday, and it happened to be another beautiful and sunny day, so I opted for this backless dress. I think I need to sew a lightweight jacket, or kimono so that I can wear these dresses to work without being scandalous. 😉

Day 27

Dress: Self-drafted dress

On our first day of holiday I wore this dress that I made with this exact beach in mind. It was a super quick make, but there is just something I don’t like about it. I don’t know if it’s the length, or the colour, but something just doesn’t feel like ‘me’ about it.

Day 28

Dress: Self-drafted Little White Dress

That’s me and my mom. I was wearing my me-made tablecloth dress after a swim. The good thing about being able to sew is that you don’t freak out when the strap on your favourite dress breaks. Especially because you knew it wasn’t​ attached properly in the first place, since you were rushing to get it done for a previous holiday…🙃

Day 29

Dress: As above

Wearing the same dress as before, this time in a very different climate.

Day 30

Bikini top: Kind of self-drafted, mixing up several patterns and instructions

Bikini Bottom: Self-drafted

After discovering the markets in town in 37°C, I could not wait to finally get into the crochet bikini top that I made en-route to Mexico, and the me-made high-waisted bikini bottoms. The crochet top is not the most comfortable of garments, but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Day 30

Dress: Self-drafted, self-designed

I was wearing another one of my me-made, me-designed dresses for the last day of Me-Made-May on the shores of Las Coloradas, the salt lakes that were supposed to look as pink as my dress and the flamingos opposite the lakes… Well, they did not quite live up to my expectations, but the crocodile spotting more than made up for it.

Aaaand it’s a wrap!



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