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I impulse-bought these in the charity shop for £4 each today. I have very vague ideas of what to make of them, but the thick cotton looks like it wants to be a kimono jacket kind of thing, the bright blue jersey would make a great dress, and the bottom one might become a pencil skirt and a jacket. It might.

From scratch, Thrift Store Thursdays

New fabric in da house!

From scratch

Learning when to give up

    Actually I learned when to restart. So here is this dress, that’s been stuck in my mind for months now. First I kept putting off getting started with it, then I realized how hard it is to work with the fabric, then I realized that I made a mistake choosing the pattern, as it has way too many seams that will be on show. So even though I figured out a way to finish the seam allowances with the machine (still there is some swearing during the process, but it’s quicker than hand sewing at least), I was just not happy with the result. I kind of messed up the Hong Kong binding, and that bias strip is unravelling too, so on one sunny, cold morning I just decided to give up. Give in, start it all over again.TheSecretCostumier - Learning when to give up

TheSecretCostumier - Learning when to give up TheSecretCostumier - Learning when to give up TheSecretCostumier - Learning when to give up TheSecretCostumier - Learning when to give upI should have known that it was a bad idea when I realized that the sleeves on the Dior dress are cut with the bodice, but I just thought I can make it work my own way. My biggest fear is giving up, as according to 66% of my family that is what I usually do (btw they are right), so to prove them wrong, I developed this habit of going through with whatever I started, even if the end results are less than desirable. Not this time though.

    Tomorrow I’m buying some more fabric (I might go crazy and buy a different colour, as I’m starting to get sick of the whole project), and will look for a simple pattern, or just make one myself. Oh, and I will use French seams wherever I can, as well as use the “Narrow zig-zag hem” method to finish the sleeves, as it seems to be working.

    I’m wondering if it’s just me, or if there are others struggling to give up on a project when it clearly doesn’t work too?!

Images: All by moi.