Somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure

Garage sales in Budapest (Hungary) are non-existent. I think I heard about some car boot sales somewhere, but it might as well be a legend. We do have slightly overpriced flea markets, but the main thing you do when you want to get rid of your unwanted stuff is that you put it on the street. And if you keep your eyes open, you can take home somebody else’s trash that might serve you as the coolest pair of chairs in the garden…

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Ready & waiting

That perfect shade of blue

I never quite understood the concept of a ‘favourite colour’. That magical colour that speaks to us or tells something about our personality.


When I was a kid I thought that if I had to pick one I would say green was my fave colour. This was because of no other reason, but Green’s ability to always make my drawings lively and bright. Later in my teens I supposed the question was referring to what colour of clothes you like to wear the most. Black seemed to be the easiest option back then, but I kind of felt like it wasn’t even a real colour and it definitely did not reflect my personality. A few months ago, still having no idea what I liked the most from the colour wheel, I realized that it’s not even pink, and those girly shades of it that I can’t tolerate in any amount, but it’s purple. So what is my ultimate favourite color – at the moment at least?

It’s called Alice blue. Or a very light version of “robin’s egg blue”. It’s that very light, greyish shade of blue. It’s the blue on the walls of Linda Rodin’s apartment. The blue on that gorgeous H&M dress that manages to be chic, timeless and cool at the same time.  That calming, comforting kind of blue, that I had no idea it existed, until I started noticing it everywhere. So what’s your favourite shade in the rainbow?

Image source: H&M, Matchbook Magazine, IKEA,,