The off the shoulder top

Once I figured that I will have a large amount of fabric leftover from the Little White Dress (that used to be a tablecloth 😉 ), I decided to whip up an off the shoulder/peasant blouse for our recent holiday. And by whipping it up, I mean it literally took me about 1 hour, cutting included!

TheSecretCostumier - The peasant blouse8

The funny thing is that I’ve been drooling over these tops for a few years now, ever since I saw an old photo of Brigitte Bardot wearing one. I then obviously did what every sewing enthusiast with access to Pinterest would do: pinned all the images of girls wearing off the shoulder tops onto one of my sewing inspo boards.

Once I even made a black version, but the fabric was the wrong choice and it looked like a bin bag with sleeves, so that got  turned into one of my favourite dresses (the one I’m wearing on Day 31 ).

TheSecretCostumier - The peasant blouse7

This time around there was no research beforehand, I just wanted to make a top quickly that would go with all the trousers I was planning on wearing on the trip, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

So pleased in fact, that I’m thinking about putting together a tutorial! And that’s because this must have been the quickest I have ever made a garment (I didn’t even use a pattern), and I just think we all need a little off the shoulder action in our life. 😀

TheSecretCostumier - The peasant blouse6