TheSecretCostumier - Kimono dress
From scratch

The kimono dress, finally

Do you remember the silk(y) fabric that I got for about £5 a few weeks ago? The one that I planned to turn into a kimono dress, inspired by a dress from the 70s? Long story short, I finished it, without a proper pattern but with hours spent just ripping seams. It was the most complicated piece to put together that I have ever made, and the one I will probably wear the least. It is beautiful to look at on the hanger though…TheSecretCostumier-Kimonodressd1 TheSecretCostumier-Kimonodress2Oh, and let me show you the first ever gif that I made to demonstrate the kimono sleeves in full swing. (You can find a great tutorial about making gifs in Photoshop in about 2 minutes here.) Sorry about the mess around me, this was supposed to be the test shoot before we go out, but I got annoyed with the Sunday audience on the street, and forgot to take the proper photos. Check out how stationary my hair is. NASA should examine it, ha! 🙂

gifkimono4After finishing yet another dress that has improved my sewing skills and would be perfect for a special occasion, I decided to focus on making everyday clothes for myself and not to buy anything new from now on. I am still working on laying down the rules and setting exceptions, but I am pretty determined to do this for at least a year, so watch this space!