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After getting a little acclimatized in Tokyo, this bit of our journey was about taking it all in: the tastes, the scenery, the sudden appearance of maikos in the Gion district, Hiroshima’s dreadful history and the peaceful Itsukushima island with the breathtaking Miyajima shrine… so I’ll let you do the same. 🙂


Kyoto and beyond


TheSecret Costumier - Tokyomain2

TheSecretCostumier - Mt Fuji2

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TheSecretCostumier - Tokyoday1

I used to think I lived in the most exciting city in the world. Then we visited New York… and I still thought London was the real deal. Then we went to Tokyo. Mind blown. There is not enough space and time to explain what and why I liked about it so much without getting lost in the small details (like enjoying the super fast, super punctual trains; the orderly queues everywhere; the amazing food even at the cheapest of places; the nicest people trying to help us out whenever we needed anything at all, etc.), but let’s just say I could really see myself exploring this beautiful country even more in the future. Getting up at 3 in the morning to catch the famous tuna auction at the Tsukiji fish market was worth being tired for days after it; as well as a little trip to the Nippori fabric town (just a piece of advice: leave your travelling companions behind, as you’ll want to have all the time in the world to browse those shops 🙂 ), and looking at Mt Fuji from a hotel’s beautiful garden was one of those rare, unplanned adventures that turn out to be the ones you remember for years to come. Tokyo is an incredible city, but wait until I show you Kyoto… 😉


Tokyo, my new love


TheSecretCostumier - IstanbulMAIN

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TheSecretCostumier - Istanbul1

I have just returned from a trip to Japan with my mum and sister, where we were travelling to via Istanbul, Turkey. This was my second time in the city, and I liked it a lot more this time than on the first visit, which was also a one day stopover. The best part of it was definitely smoking shisha in an old building attached to a mosque, while sipping the sweetest apple tea known to man…





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For a Woody Allen/Sex and The City/Friends/King of Queens/HIMYM/Will and Grace/Mad Men/ you name it… fan, New York is that one city you’ve never been to, yet know absolutely everything about. Or so you think.

Last year was the first time I did not feel like I was only temporarily living in London, temporarily having a job and temporarily putting off things I would love to do once I settle down a bit – like travelling to the places on top of my wish list. After getting a taste of South East Asia in March, during a lunchtime email session we somehow ended up booking a flight to New York with my sister. 5 days Airbnbing in Williamsburg, in the middle of the weird December heathwave, ensured that I saw in the New Year pretty broke, but it was totally worth it.

I found Central Park pretty decent, the Top of The Rock is better than the Empire State building, I would pick Manhattan Bridge over the Brooklyn, people are super nice, rats are pretty much all over the place at night, the bagels beat the ones on Brick Lane, the Whitney Museum must be the coolest place to hang out, I totally missed out on fabric shopping as I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to checking opening times I guess, Greenwich village and the banana pudding by Magnolia Bakery are to die for, and while visiting Harlem was probably more shocking than exploring certain parts of third world cities for example, it would have not been the same experience without it.

There is so much to see in the world before I decide to go back to see more of New York, yet this is one of the few cities where I would actually love to spend a few months getting to know my way around it.

(Photos of me shot by my sister @debso)


New York, New York…


TheSecretCostumier - Lisbon main1

TheSecretCostumier - Lisbon 23

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TheSecretCostumier - Lisbon 24

Lisbon. No new bags were made this time around, but out of all the places I’ve been this year, this is the European favourite. Those tiled old houses? The sound of the Fado everywhere? Not to mention the beautiful Portuguese men (who knew?!), and my new favourite restaurant, I think it’s safe to say that I fell in love with the place. If I wasn’t in a monogamous relationship with London already, I would definitely be busy strapping the sewing machine to the bike, while trying to find a flat in the oldest little house and a route to it avoiding those steep hills in Alfama… 🙂


Bem-vindo a Lisboa


TheSecretCostumier - Barcelona main

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I might have already mentioned here that I went on a short break to Barcelona a few weeks ago. This was the first time I traveled on my own, and after a few hours of getting used to not being able to talk to someone (that’s a lie actually, I was on the phone all the time… 🙂 ), I really did have a good time.

In a country that produces the most fashionable brands in Europe (Zara, Mango, etc.), it is quite predictable to see some nice fabric shops, but I was absolutely stunned by the variety of fabrics on offer in 3 shops on the same street.

Barcelona is a surprisingly neat city, with broad streets and pretty buildings. I, of course, am more drawn towards the colorful and messy bits, so loved the works of Gaudi, and the favourite part of the city became the Barceloneta neighborhood and the Tibidabo. A hundred years old amusement park on top of a mountain overlooking the city? That’s perfection in my book!




TheSecretCostumier - Tailoring

From scratch, Refash.

Sneak peak #9



So I’ve found this blanket in a charity shop while looking for one to make a coat out of (more on this later). After a very brief research, I found out that the brand new version sells for a whopping £359!!! Now, what do I do? Should I try selling it and buy the fabric of my own choice (possibly for this coat AND for a little French jacket too), or should I keep it to make the coat that more special? Also, have you used a blanket for dressmaking before? Do you think this fabric (pretty lightweight) would be suitable for tailoring? I would love to hear some advice! 🙂

From scratch, Refash.

Decisisons, decisions…


sixties dress

Refash., Thrift Store Thursdays

Sneak peak #8








We have recently sold the house in Budapest in which I grew up in. Since we did not want anything that could still be useful to someone to end up in the bin, we decided to try to sell them at the flea market. Being a “business owner” (with mum) for the day was equally stressful and fun, but the biggest surprise was how helpful the lady at the table next to us was (in the red jacket). She was absolutely amazing, and if she ever finds this blog by accident, then here is a massive thank you for her!

Ready & waiting

Flea market