primark blck leather gladiator sandals
Ready & waiting

Hate it or love it?

Have you ever bought something because you felt like it was the coolest thing ever, it totally worked in your mind, but somehow it just wasn’t…you. Well, this is what’s happening to me right now (major problem, huh? 😀 ). It’s the classic process I guess, I still haven’t decided if I want to keep them because I like them, or I want to like them because I bought primark buckle gladiator sandals black primark buckle gladiator sandals black primark buckle gladiator sandalsSince I started sewing I hardly ever buy clothing, but obviously I still buy shoes. Lots of them lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m constantly stepping out of my comfort zone (my trusty transparent Juju Jelly sandals for summer, black suede top – wooden heeled booties/sandals for all other seasons), but there is always something wrong with the new ones.

primark buckle gladiator detail black flatsprimark buckle detail gladiator sandals As a little more (self) convincing, here is why I think these sandals would be awesome in an ideal world.gladiator sandals style tips

Should they stay, or should they go?


Ready & waiting

1920’s perfection

A-m-a-z-i-n-g dress. Beautiful details. I haven’t seen anything this perfectly put together in a long time and at first I thought it was recent design it looks so timeless. Oh, enough already, right?! 🙂

1920s Blue Silk Devore Beaded Flapper.


Thrift Store Thursdays #2

Yet another batch of my thrift store finds. The balance this time was roughly £7.00.

This jacket was actually for free. A dear colleague of mine who was about to embark on a journey to live the American dream, brought some clothes she was bored of into the office. In spite of being about a size larger, this was the piece I was interested in. I really like the unexpected mix of colours in the checked pattern, the neutral base colour, that it’s double-breasted and the pockets. It’s a very light fabric with no lining in it so it would make a great summer jacket with little dresses after the necessary alterations are made. (Although fitting a bigger sleeve seems impossible right now as I started to sew a shirt and ended up taking it all apart as it was too big, and haven’t been able to correct the mistake ever since, so this might just be a project for Autumn.:))

The dress above is from Next and was £40 originally, according to the tag that is still attached. I have never worn this dress, but I loved the ’40s style and bright red colour of it. I have a thing for red dresses, even though unlike the little black/white dresses, it’s very hard to find an eye-catching yet simple one that lets the colour do all the talking. Something like this gorgeous Lanvin one:


Image source: Pinterest


Refash., Thrift Store Thursdays

Thrift Store Thursdays #1

After my first kind of lucky/definitely adrenaline boosting trip to a thrift store, I decided to go back for more….Next time around we wanted to do a round trip with some friends on our day off. We managed to go to 2 shops only, but both had sales on, and we ended up drinking coffee and talking for hours which was an equally good way to spend the afternoon.
What did I get? A cute little scarf print Zara skirt (1000 Ft/ £3) and a beaded grey dress (1350 Ft/ £4). The grey dress was handmade and is 100% silk according to the tag inside. It’s about 3 sizes bigger, but I know what a pain sewing beads on a garment is, so I decided to buy it anyway. I’m planning to make a skirt out of it very similar to the other Zara find one day…

And again, sorry about the lack of ironing, you must have guessed that we are not close friends. Me and the Iron. 🙂